Server Locations

We are pleased to have servers in 3 locations, US, EU and AU.

Along with our 3 locations, our US and EU servers also support Cloud Flare which is a free option you can enable in cPanel, distributing your content around the world so it’s closer to your visitors (speeding up your site).

Currently Cloudflare offers 43 international locations:



US, Las Vegas (FiberHub):

Our Las Vegas Data Center offers excellent connectivity and is a safe and secure environment for your shared web hosting.

The Data Centre is equipped with Cummins diesel generators, N+1 redundant cooling systems, multiple diverse fiber providers in the facility (building is located just 200 yards from a major fiber route), and multiple provider POP’s in the facility.

EU, Roost, LU (root S.A.):

Roost, Luxembourg offers excellent connectivity throughout the EU, and as an added bonus, Luxembourg protects freedom of speech and customer privacy. Unlike US data centers there is no DMCA takedown enforcement.

The Data Centre is Tier 4 with over 1000 BGP sessions to over 500 different networks. There is direct peering in Roost to the largest internet exchanges in Europe: LINX, DE-CIX, AMS-IX, FranceIX and Equinix.

AU, Sydney (Equinix SY3):

Need fast Australian servers, with excellent international peering?

Equinix SY3, Located near the Sydney Central Business District, Australia’s largest corporate and financial centre, Equinix colocation facilities are the only data centre offering direct links to both of the continent’s two largest peering points: the Southern Cross Cable Head, a trans-Pacific network of telecommunications cables, and the PIPE Pacific Cable network that runs from Australia to Guam.

Connect to over 190 cloud service providers directly in Sydney, including Amazon Direct Connect (AWS), which allows customers to establish a private, high-speed network connection to Amazon Web Services to enable hybrid cloud applications

Availability to 135+ network service providers, the highest carrier density in Australia